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Walking with Jesus


Walking with Jesus is a follow up to the JESUS film.  This film is shot in a relevant African culture and environment and explains the basics of Christian living.  The 5 short episodes will keep new and nominal Christians glued to their seats while in a dramatic way, these lessons will give people an understanding of what a practical walk with Jesus entails in real life.


Walking with Jesus is a five-part discipleship series filmed in and for Africa. It can be used effectively as a follow up “tool” after the Jesus Film has been shown to explain the gospel clearly. The story takes place in an African village where the chief and his people learn about Jesus and how to follow him.

Episode 1: Assurance of Salvation 

Am I truly forgiven and accepted by Christ? After a showing of the JESUS film in his village, the chief struggles to believe that he can be forgiven for the evil things he has done.
RUNNING TIME: 23 minutes

Episode 2: Fellowship of Believers 

How can a follower of Christ live at peace with everyone? The new believers are challenged to show Jesus’ love to all no matter what the cost.
RUNNING TIME: 24 minutes

Episode 3: The Holy Spirit 

How does the Holy Spirit change me? Dauda struggles to do good by his own efforts instead of trusting in the power of God.
RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes

Episode 4: Walking in the Spirit

How do we know that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives? Dauda desires to show the power of the Holy Spirit by making peace with his friends.
RUNNING TIME: 23 minutes

Episode 5: Growing in Christ

How do we stay strong in God? The believers face persecution and must trust God and stand firm in their faith.
RUNNING TIME: 28 minutes

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